RLA-2018-logoTwoLet Properties Management Ltd is a member of RLA. As a company we have decided to go with a scheme that will keep us up-to-date with current legislations relating to the rental business and obtain additional training or development in relation to the matters concerned.

RLA (Residential Landlords Association) is the leading voice for landlords in England & Wales. The prime objective of the RLA is to campaign in Government and Parliament on behalf of their 30,000 members nationwide. Their vision is to make renting better by informing, educating and supporting the membership community.

Ronna Fu, one of our Director studied and completed the course  in ‘Landlords Principle of Lettings’ with RLA. The course reflects the current Deregulation Act 2015 for properties in England. It aims to explain the landlord’s obligations and requirements in relation to their tenants, properties and any agents they use. The course covers pre, during and post-tenancy scenarios. It’s designed to meet and follow ANUK standards.

“Keeping myself up to date with my knowledge in the industry and learning new things are my passion”, says Ronna.