What is cryptojacking?


What is cryptojacking?

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Cryptojacking is a form of cyber attack by unauthorized use of your computing device to mine cryptocurrency. This could be initiated by opening an attachment from an email or clicking on a link, the most common form of malware delivery.

However, if you surf the web and a webpage has been compromised then cryptojacking doesn’t need a programme to be installed. (JavaScript runs on just about every website you visit. So when you load a webpage, the in-browser mining code just runs. No need to install.)

The simplest way to protect yourself from cryptojacking is to install a cryptojacking blocker. Installing a cryptojacking blocker means adding a browser extension so that it blocks a list of domains associated with the cryptojacking code. This tool can block all web-based cryptocurrency miners irrespective of their source. It detects potential mining behavior inside loaded scripts and kills it immediately.

If your device is compromised, you may or may not experience a slowing of the PC or Laptop. If it is a mobile device compromised, then the battery life may be effected.