Clogged Drain Pipe


Clogged Drain Pipe

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Blocked pipeImagine you come home one day and discover that a pipe has burst. You’re going to need professional help quickly.

We received an emergency call-out on a cold winter day to attend to a pipe leak and clogged shower/bath drain pipe. Opposite is an image of the clogged drain as it was clearing up and ice removed. The pipe connection from the bath/shower to the drain was untidy. The angle of the pipe wasn’t placed correctly in the first place. The clogged drain cannot be solved as easily as using some fairly simple and straightforward methods and tools. A clogged drain is usually caused by a lump of knotted hair, dirt, grease, and/or soap. The hair is often wrapped around parts of the drain and therefore can be difficult to move. The problem occurs much more frequently in homes where one or more of the shower users has long hair, as short hair is much less likely to get caught in the drain system. The extreme cold weather added to the problem. Once the outside temperature dips below freezing the drainpipes clog when debris such as soap scum and hair collects on the walls of the pipes, eventually cutting off any passage for water to drain.

Our plumber attended to the emergency call out as quickly as he can. He worked tirelessly, in a stressful situation, completing the job to the highest standard. Our emergency service provides rapid help. We offer a prompt service to unblock or replace components where necessary. We are only a call away.

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