Saniflo Replacement


Saniflo Replacement

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Objects-in-MaceratorOur client complained of over-flooding in the toilet and waste not discharging through the pipe in their saniflo system. On further inspection, our technician found a few objects jammed in the macerator which broke the rotating blade. The objects he found was a broken plastic toy and some bandages! A saniflo cannot chop these items up resulting, the broken cutting blade. When the blade is broken or damaged it cannot break up waste and toilet paper and convert them into a fine slurry that discharge through the pipe and expel into the sewer tank. Any foreign objects in a macerator needs to be removed immediately to avoid damaging the motor. In this case the plastic object broke the cutting blade and the macerator deemed irreparable.

To resolve the problem, our technician removed the broken macerator and replaced it with a new unit. Before he could do that we spent several hours researching for the right unit and size to fit in the already cut out hole and location of the pipe. This is a very messy and smelly job. As you can imagine the stench from the waste pipe when the macerator was removed. Not all plumbers are willing to perform such onerous task. I am proud of our technician. With his can-do attitude, he got on the job, cleaned up the mess discharging from the waste pipe and replaced the macerator.

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Below is a short video on how a saniflo macerator works.