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Right To Rent

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The ‘Right to Rent’ legislation, first introduced in February 2016. Failure to comply with this Act can result into a civil penalty of up to £3000. That’s why it is important to take extra steps to validate identity documents and evidence of your tenant’s correct immigration status.

The ‘Right to Rent’ checks should be made by landlords, agents or householders who are letting private rented accommodation, or taking in a lodger. Anyone who lives in a property as a tenant or occupier, and sub-lets all or part of the property, or takes in a lodger, should also make a check on their immigration status and that of anyone aged 18 or over. Housing illegal immigrants allows them to establish a settled life in the UK and frustrate the necessary procedures for them returning to their home country. It impacts a significant cost to the public funds and also reduces the amount of housing stock available to British citizens and others residing here legally.

At TwoLet we are able to help you with the process. We can do Tenant Eligibility check and enhanced Tenant Authenticate check for you to ensure all obligations under The Immigration Act 2014 are met.

Guidance for landlords, homeowners and letting agents, can be found here: www.gov.uk