Waste and Overflow Tube

bath waste replacement

Waste and Overflow Tube

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Broken bath wasteReplacing a bath waste can be a straight forward job depending on the accessibility and the height of the tub. The picture here shows the broken overflow tube and bath trap before it was replaced. As you can see here water is flowing out directly to the floor instead of into the trap. The standard of plumbing installation was untidy and the broken overflow tube was a disaster waiting to happen. The first person to use the bathroom would have flooded the floors and caused damage to the property beneath which in this case that was what happened. bath waste replacement

The solution was a replacement waste-and-overflow tube. The waste-and-overflow tube is the fitting on your bathtub that prevents the tub from overflowing by catching water that gets too high and diverting it down into the draining system.  We only use quality materials for all our jobs. Everything was fixed and cleaned in an hour, leaving behind another satisfied and happy customer.

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Below is a 6 minute video showing you how to install a bath waste.