Fixing Gutter Brackets


Fixing Gutter Brackets

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bend-gutterThis may seem like a small problem. Some small problems can caused great damage like the leaking valve I shared in one of my post and in particular this incident.

Gutter drains are essential to direct rain water away from your home’s foundation. At first glance you may not notice the rain gutter is bend in the middle. There should be additional brackets to hold the gutter and keep it at a correct level. The gutter needs to have a slight downhill slope for the water to run down to the drain hole. As a result, on a heavy raining day,  the accumulated water in the gutter caused it to bend even more. The water needed an outlet and the built up of rain water started to flow into the wall instead of directing to the drain hole.  Over a period of time the rain water severely damaged the brick wall inside the building as shown here.

gutter-installationThe image shows additional brackets being installed. Rain water is now flowing down the drain hole as it should instead of accumulating in the gutter. This is a quick and easy fix. The next step is cleaning the exterior and repairing the inside wall.

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