Leaking Valve

Leaking valve

Leaking Valve

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leak through ceilingA small leak can caused great damage.  How can something so physically small cause such large problems? Most of the time it’s a slow leak that may go unnoticed for days. If the leak is located on the floor above, the damage will be even more extensive, since water always flows down. In the case of this customer’s situation, the leaking valve on the floor above caused damage to the ceiling shown here. The home owner hadn’t realised the leak came from the valve on the floor above for days.

Leaking valveThe water pressure kept dropping even after the system was re-pressurised. This normally indicate there is  a fundamental problem that need addressing. The following are the two most common causes of lost pressure and how to spot them – leaks and faulty pressure release valve. In this case, a leak was found in the valve. By the time our gas engineer was called the leak have already gone through the kitchen’s ceiling below. Our gas engineer replaced the valve, power flush the central heating system and serviced the boiler all at the same time. The boiler was due for a service anyway. Our gas engineer left the customer happy with the result and, most importantly heating back again on a very cold winter day.

Does your system need power flushing? A power flush is the process of cleaning out a central heating system by circulating high volumes of (forced) water and cleaning agents around a heating system to remove deposits of sludge, rust and any other debris from the central heating system. If left to build, contaminants will slowly reduce the efficiency of your central heating system, eventually leading to breakdown.

You may wonder how often should you power flush? If you notice any of the signs below, talk to our engineer:

  • Cold patches on radiators
  • Noisy boiler or heating system
  • Discoloured water when you bleed the radiators
  • Radiators are slow to heat up
  • Cloudy tap water

Gas installations should be checked regularly and maintenance carried out as required it is the Homeowner/Landlords responsibility by law to insure all your gas appliances and pipe work are safe to use and checked annually.

Gas Safe logoDon’t cut corners! When you’re looking for a gas engineer, do check if they’re on the Gas Safe Register. Gas Safe Register has replaced CORGI registration.Gas Safe is the surest route to safety for you and your family. It’s the only list of engineers qualified to work legally on gas appliances. Cutting corners can be costly and putting yourself and others in danger.

Our gas installation service provides a full package for all your gas appliances and pipe work including maintenance, repairs and spare parts from our fully qualified Gas Safe engineer.

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