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Fire Safety Awareness

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Recently the two directors of TwoLet Properties Management attended the Fire Safety Business seminar at the Fire Station in Standground, Peterborough. “We like to keep ourselves up-to-date on all regulations and legislations relating to buildings and properties. We found the fire safety training very informative and we were able to apply the knowledge we gained that day”, said Ronna. The course raises awareness of the dangers associated with fire and the practical steps that can be taken to minimise and control the risks that fire presents.

Knowledge on fire safety is very important, as failure to comply with government fire safety regulations could potentially lead to prosecution, fines or legal claims. Fire safety training is therefore compulsory for all organisations.

The seminar covers a wide range of subjects. This include:

  • Explanation of the Fire Safety Order
  • Threat of fire in a workplace and behaviour of fire
  • Applicable legislation
  • Risk assessment
  • Fire prevention and awareness
  • How to minimise the effect of fire
  • The importance of fire doors
  • Signage and fire exits
  • Key responsibilities of the individual

The training equips the directors with a better understanding of their responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) and learning the process of conducting a fire risk assessment in a commercial building.



Multiple Occupation

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HMO or House of Multiple Occupation is a term used to define accommodation that is owned by a private landlord and shared by at least three people who are not from the same household (eg. a family).

On 1st October, the Government is extending the possibility of licensing for HMOs. The licence applies to all HMOs that are occupied by five or more people from two or more households, regardless of the number of storeys. The licence does not include flats in purpose built blocks of more than two storeys.

In addition to the compulsory licensing, the Government has also proposed a minimum room size for bedrooms. The room size with a floor area of less than 4.64 square meters must not be used as sleeping accommodation.

You can find more information on HMO from website.

Are you seeking to grow your HMO portfolios or looking for an agent to manage your properties? Ensure that you get an agent that will make you money rather than costing you money. Why not get in touch with TwoLet to discuss your needs? We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.


Lock Replacement

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door_lockFire exit door refers to final exit door leading to the outside of a building, although the term is also refer to doors inside the building leading to the final fire exit. The purpose of the fire exit door is to allow a quick and unhindered escape through a well lit door into a place of safety while stopping unauthorised access from the outside. It can also be opened from the outside with key-lock overriding the lock.

Fire exit doors should open easily and, wherever possible, in the direction of traffic flow. If it is a security door it is usually kept locked and can be used by members of the public in an emergency situation. The locking device is usually a panic or push bar. It is not necessary for a fire exit door at the end of the escape route to be fire resistance.  The doors must never be obstructed and have to be clearly marked and well lit. There should be fire exit signs fitted above the doors.

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to worry about locking doors, but leaving one unlocked you can almost guarantee you’ll have uninvited guests. However, this presents a problem. From purely a security perspective, you would want the most advanced locks fitted and keys would be kept by a select few. But you can’t just consider security – especially if it’s a fire escape door. What does the law say about these doors, and how do you manage both the security and fire safety risks? In general, doors on escape routes shouldn’t be fitted with locks, latches, or bolts unless these are simple fastening, which can readily be operated. Although it’s preferable not to fit any secondary locking devices to fire exits. If locking is necessary, there are few points to consider.

Fire exit doors must not be locked or fastened in a way preventing people from opening them in an emergency. Therefore, it is necessary to change the lock to push bar, panic bar or a thumb lock.

Thumb-turn lock offers the ideal security solution for this instant. The above image is a fire door with key lock. This is not ideal as the door needs to be kept lock at all time. If you have locked your door and could not find the key to get out in case of an emergency, what would you do? As it is a community centre the door needs to be fitted with security device for easy exit and cannot be opened from the outside. The  thumb lock is the ideal solution for this instance. The door can be locked and unlocked from the inside without the use of a key or compromising on security.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please feel free to call us on 07421 139612 or contact by filling the form, if you require any further information.


HDMI Cable Connection

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UHD HDMI 2.0b.No job is too small for us. Some letting agents only like to do large jobs because they can make a big profit on it. Their overheads are large and a small job would be ludicrously expensive. At TwoLet we take care of big and small jobs alike. We are a provider of services – we are not builders but we provide property maintenance services that include many types building works.

We had a request to connect the hdmi cable from a overhead project which was suspended from the ceiling. The cable needs to be long enough to reach to the computer below. This was a straight forward job except there was time constraint to complete it. The job needed to be done and dusted before the arrival of the next booking in an hour’s time.

First thing first, our technician got on the ladder to get to the overhead projector which was around 15 feet high. This is definitely not a job for an Acrophobia.  He plugged in the cable from the overhead projector, neatly secured it along the ceiling beam and ran it through a cable trunking along the wall. The cable was 10 meter high speed UHD HDMI 2.0b. It can be purchased from Amazon or your local computer shop. The cable is suitable for all kinds of gadgets – Home Cinema, Projector, Receiver, Monitors, 3D TV, Apple TV, Blu-Ray + DVD Player, XBOX 360, One, One S, One X, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation 4 Pro, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Computer, PC, Monitor, Notebook, Laptop, MAC, iMAC and Macbook. Basically for most electrical products that needed cable connection to communicate. Please check with the manufacturer’s specifications and system requirements before purchasing. The cable also comes in 15 meter long. As for this job 10 meter was the perfect length.

Everything was plugged in and cleaned up within an hour. Leaving behind another happy customer.

Do you any job done in your property? Fill out the form here for help. We will get in touch with you to assist you with your problem.


Energy Performance

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From Sunday 1st April 2018, the new minimum energy efficiency standards were introduced for privately rented property (England and Wales) Regulations 2015. It is currently a legal requirement that all property that is marketed for sale or to let must have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Are you up to date with your EPC?

Energy-Performance-RatingThese standards require landlords to achieve at least E rating on the EPC before granting on any new or existing tenancy agreement. This means that if your property rated as F or G, which is the lowest grades of energy efficiency, you cannot let or extend existing tenancies until the rating is improved. If you entre a new tenancy agreement without making the necessary improvement, you could be fined.

These standards require landlords to have an up to date EPC on all their properties. If any of the properties falls under F rating, they must make the required improvements now to bring them up to standard.

With many changes in the property market in recent months, landlords are expected to keep up to date with the new regulations. Recent increase in regulation make it more of a challenge for landlords to stay on top of their obligations.

Speak to us if you would like to know how we can help you to keep you up to keep you on top of the changes and how our service can be a value to you.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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carbon-monoxide-alarmEvery home with at least one fuel-burning appliance or heater, attached garage or fireplace should have a carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide is produced by devices that burn fuels. Therefore, any fuel-burning appliance in your home is a potential CO source. Electrical heaters and electric water heaters, toasters, etc., do not produce CO under any circumstances. An alarm should be installed on every level of the home and in sleeping areas. Carbon Monoxide Alarm monitors the presence of deadly CO in the home, providing a constant protection against the effects of this deadly gas.

Carbon monoxide or CO is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, poisonous gas produced by incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels, like gas, coal, wood and oil. Carbon based fuels are usually safe to use, however, when the fuel does not burn completely, the excess CO is highly poisonous and can incapacitate or even kill within a short time. When CO enters your body, it prevents the blood from bringing oxygen to cells, tissues, the brain and organs. You cannot see, taste or smell CO but it can kill quickly with little warning. This kind of death normally happen when the person is sleeping or during the night. This is why every gas, oil and solid fuel appliances and flues must be properly installed by qualified engineers. Lower quantity of CO levels that do not kill immediately can cause serious harm to health if breathed in over a long period. In extreme cases paralysis and brain damage can be caused as a result of prolonged exposure to CO.

This is why having carbon monoxide alarms installed throughout a property is so important. Beside that, it is a legal requirement that every landlord must carry out a check to ensure that smoke or carbon monoxide alarms are installed to comply with the Regulations. The alarms need to be checked that they are in proper working order on the day a tenancy begins where it is a new tenancy. A new tenancy is a tenancy granted on or after 1st October 2015.

What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can be confused with many common ailments or food poisoning, viral infections, flu or simple tiredness. The list below are the symptoms to look out for:

  • Severe throbbing headaches
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Stomach pains
  • Fainting
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Pains in the chest
  • Erratic behaviour
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Fast heart rate

What to look for in Carbon Monoxide alarm.

It is important to ensure that the CO alarm complies with British Standard EN 50291 and carries a British or European approval mark, such as a Kitemark. These standards show that the alarms have been extensively tested to ensure their quality including sensor reaction times, minimum alarm sound levels and temperature resistance. Currently most CO alarms last between 5 and 7 years. CO alarms should be installed, checked and serviced in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Fixing Gutter Brackets

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bend-gutterThis may seem like a small problem. Some small problems can caused great damage like the leaking valve I shared in one of my post and in particular this incident.

Gutter drains are essential to direct rain water away from your home’s foundation. At first glance you may not notice the rain gutter is bend in the middle. There should be additional brackets to hold the gutter and keep it at a correct level. The gutter needs to have a slight downhill slope for the water to run down to the drain hole. As a result, on a heavy raining day,  the accumulated water in the gutter caused it to bend even more. The water needed an outlet and the built up of rain water started to flow into the wall instead of directing to the drain hole.  Over a period of time the rain water severely damaged the brick wall inside the building as shown here.

gutter-installationThe image shows additional brackets being installed. Rain water is now flowing down the drain hole as it should instead of accumulating in the gutter. This is a quick and easy fix. The next step is cleaning the exterior and repairing the inside wall.

Need help with any issues relating to your property? Couldn’t diagnose the problem? Fill out the form here for help. We will get in touch with you to assist you with your problem.


Everyday Item Tricks

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Check out 10 amazingly creative tricks with these everyday items. The best part about these tricks is that they are inexpensive and you probably have them in your home. Please share your experience with us if you try any of the hacks below. Enjoy!

Trick 1: Dental floss not just for teeth


Use dental floss to slice any soft cheeses, layer cakes, or homemade roll, cookie dough or other pastries! Make sure the dental floss is unwaxed and unflavoured unless you want your edible smell like dental floss! All you do is hold the floss tightly between two fingers and press down with a little pressure. The floss will slice through most soft cake or pastry.

Trick 2: Toothpaste as cleaning agent

toothpaste-and-brushI am curious if this actually works. I only know two things I can use with toothpaste for–cleaning my teeth and polishing sliver wares! I tried polishing silver with toothpaste a couple of times and it works wonder. Today, I found out that toothpaste can be an effective agent for cleaning dirty shoes.

Use an old toothbrush to apply toothpaste to the dirty spots on your shoes. Once you have worked the toothpaste into the fabric of the shoes leave it for about 10 minutes. Use a damp towel to wipe the toothpaste off your shoes.

Trick 3: Salt and lemon to remove stains

chopping-boardI always thought a plastic or glass cutting board is better then a wooden one. I thought that plastic is more sanitary because it isn’t porous like wood, therefore, bacteria can’t get trapped in plastic the way it can in wood. Today I found out that a plastic cutting board retains bacteria in the places a knife scarred the surface. It doesn’t matter how much you scrub, wash or put it through the dishwasher, plastic holds onto bacteria and allows it to multiply. Wood on the other hand is a far more sanitary than plastic. Bacteria dies in or on a scarred hard wood surface.  It kills bacteria naturally.

This is how you clean your wooden cutting board. Scrub it with salt and lemon to remove gross food stains. That’s it! Try it and let me know if it works for you.

Trick 4: Ground coffee as deodorizer

portafilter-coffeeThe smell of coffee will do wonders to freshen or at least cover up any unwanted odours in your fridge. You can use either freshly or used ground coffee. Used coffee grounds can be used much like baking soda since the grounds absorb unwanted stench.

Leave a full bowl of ground coffee in the back of your fridge overnight. The grounds will absorb and eliminate all sorts of stench in your fridge.

Trick 5: Mayonnaise or cooking oil as removal agent

cooking-oilMayonnaise not just for sandwiches or cooking oil for frying! With the mixture of lemon juice, eggs, vinegar, and spices, mayonnaise can solve some of life’s weirdest problems. For example, removing sticker residue or buffing scratches out of wooded floors. You only need a small amount of mayonnaise or cooking oil. Rub mayonnaise or cooking oil on sticker to remove it from any surface. After rubbing a small amount, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. The sticker should come right off!

If you run out of conditioner, use mayonnaise instead. Yes, I am not joking. Try full-fat, organic, or homemade mayonnaise to deep condition hair. Dampen your hair with warm water and rub in mayo covering your head. Use a plastic cap or wrap for up to one hour. The vegetable oil in the mayonnaise will give hair moisture and shine. After an hour, wash it out with shampoo and rinse.

Trick 6: A slice of bread as mop

slice-breadEver wonder how you can pick up those tiny pieces of broken glass and worried someone might step on them if you missed any of the fragments? I do.

I have found this trick very helpful. I rather miss my last piece of toast if I need to use it for this purpose. A slice of bread can mop up broken shards of glass where sweeping may not catch them all. Apply peanut butter on another piece of bread and put it on the glassy piece of bread to keep the glass particles from falling out. Then put it in a plastic bag to catch any stragglers that do slip away. Bin it straight away so no one mistook it for a peanut butter sandwich!

Trick 7: Half an onion for the whole job

half-onionsI love onions. I love them even more when I read what else I can do with them.

Cut an onion in half and use it to clean your grill. Stab the half onion with a grill spear. Just make sure the grill is hot, or the cleaning won’t work. The hot grill combined with the onion juices will loosen and lift off grime. Wipe grill with wet kitchen towel as you work along. Use with caution and be sure you don’t make direct contact with the grill!  BBQ fingers may not be the best dish for dinner.

Trick 8: Apple cider vinegar irresistible for flies.

fruit-flyEvery summer I seem to be fighting a loosing battle with fruit flies. No matter how hard I try they seem to always find their way to me!

Try this trick if you are facing the same situation. Pour a little apple cider vinegar into a glass, or just remove the cap from a bottle.  Cover the opening in plastic wrap or cling film and secure with a rubber band. Poke a hole for the fruit flies to enter. Fruit flies can’t resist the scent of vinegar, and they won’t be able to exit once they’re inside.

Trick 9: Shaving cream not just for shaving.

Shaving-foamDo you know you can use shaving cream to de-fog bathroom mirrors and car windows? Apply shaving cream to the entire glass surface. Wipe the glass with a dry paper towel until it’s clear.

Try removing stains on the carpet by spraying the area with shaving cream, wipe it with a damp sponge, and leave it to dry. In the morning, vacuum up the dry mess and your carpet will look good as new! You can try cleaning the surface of stainless steel appliances and faucets by coating them with shaving cream and wiping the area dry.

Trick 10: Coca-cola. Drink it or wash with it.

coca-colaI never look at coca-cola the same ever since I found out it can be used as toilet cleaner. Coca-cola is an effective way to remove stains and grime from the toilet bowl. You will need about 20 ounces and leave it to set for an hour.

Today, I found another use for it. You can clean burned pans with Coca-Cola! All you have to do is let the cola sit overnight and clean like normal! If you need your pan on the day try adding Coca-Cola to the greasy pan and let it sit on a burner over low heat for about 30 minutes. Wash afterwards with dish soap and warm water.

If you try any of the tricks above, please post your thoughts and experience to us and, share with the rest of us! I will be posting more tricks. So, come back again and check us out! Thank you for reading!


Radiator Flushing

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The boiler is the heart of  the system which gives you comfort and warmth. The heating is like the body’s circulation. Sludge in radiator is like blood clot that slowly suffocates your system. Sludge in general are tiny particles of dirt with mixture of accumulate rust.

You should flush your system if you notice the room feels a little colder recently and your hot radiator with cold spots at the bottom. If you ignore it, the sludge will continue to block the flow of your central heating and eventually carries to the boiler.

Why Should You Flush Your Radiator?

  • Quicker heating radiators
  • Heating costs will be lower
  • Rooms heated more evenly
  • Longer lasting system
  • Avoid expensive power-flush further down the line
  • Safer boiler

The video showing thick dark sludge flushing out of the radiator using Power Flushing.

When Do You Need to Flush Your Radiator?

These are the signs that tells you it is time to flush your radiators.

  • When you bleed the radiators, the colour of the fluid is:
    Clear: you’re safe, champ. You probably just needed to bleed them.
    Slightly brown: Sludge is starting to build up. An ideal time to flush.
    Very dark brown: You must flush. And quickly. Hopefully, you don’t need to power flush.
  • Noisy boiler
  • Radiators take longer to heat up
  • Cold spots on the radiator
  • Radiators require bleeding more often

Below the video showing much clearer liquid after several minutes of flushing.

Power flushing is a popular method of cleaning and maintaining a central heating system. Following this treatment, your radiators will heat more rapidly and your central heating system will be far more cost efficient. The heat will be distributed much more evenly between rooms and your boiler will experience less stress.

Do you need work done to your central heating system? Fill out the form here for help. We will get in touch with you to assist you with your problem.


Every Vote Counts!

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Elections are taking place in some parts of England today. Polling stations are now open from 7am and close at 10pm. In these elections, voters are choosing who represents them on their local council. Depending on where you live, your local council is responsible for all or some of the following areas:

  • Council housing
  • Education services
  • Electoral registration
  • Environmental health
  • Leisure and recreation facilities
  • Libraries
  • Local planning
  • Local transport
  • Parks and public places
  • Regulation of local business
  • Roads and footpaths
  • Social services
  • Waste and recycling